'Quality First Teaching'

At Christ Church, we believe that ‘Quality First Teaching’ is the key to making sure that our children make as much progress as possible. We use Target Tracker as an assessment tool to monitor progress and inform planning and PiXL to identify where there are gaps in some children’s knowledge, this is picked up with targeted interventions either 1:1 or in small groups. These interventions change according to the needs of the children and they are planned for on our provision maps.

We run additional interventions across the school:

Accelerated Reader

The reason we have chosen to use the Renaissance Learning Star Reading Assessment and Accelerated Reader programme is that it is a complete system from the initial test to assess a pupils reading level and reading age (ZPD), to checking the pupils understanding of the book they have just read by completing an AR quiz.

The initial Star Reading Assessment checks not only a child’s reading skills, but also their comprehension of the questions asked, which we feel is very important. The children also take three more Star Reading Assessment throughout the school year, so that we are able to monitor their progress.

After they are given their ZPD, children can choose from a wide range of books by well-known and established authors that stimulates their interest far more than the more traditional reading scheme books. The range of books we carry is constantly being added to.

When they have finished their book, they then take an AR quiz based around the content.  That again not only checks on their reading ability but also their comprehension of the book.

Teachers have full access to their classes Star Reading Assessment results as well as the children's complete set of AR quiz results allowing them a full up to date measure of each child’s reading progression.


What is Fizzy? Fizzy is a graded, measurable activity programme for children with co-ordination difficulties. It focuses on the areas of body awareness, balance and ball skills. Short frequent sessions 2-3 times a wk.

As well as increasing gross motor skills, Fizzy also:

  • Increases motivation
  • Increase confidence in motor abilities
  • Improves self esteem
  • Improves social inclusion
  • Encourages children to enjoy movement and PE
  • Benefits learning (posture, stability, positioning)

Clever Hands

What is clever hands? Clever hands is a program of fine motor activities designed to address difficulties with fine motor skills affecting play, self-care and school related performance. Fine motor skills are the manner in which we use our fingers, hands and arms.

Activities which require these skills include: using pencils and scissors, buttons and zips, using cutlery and many more.

Short frequent sessions: 2 x weekly

As well as increasing fine motor skills:

  • Increases motivation
  • Increases confidence in motor abilities
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Improves social inclusion
  • Encourages children to enjoy fine motor tasks
  • Benefits learning (handwriting, endurance)

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