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Easter Crafts 11/4/20

Easter Work 11/4/20

Spelling Shed and TTRockstars practice 11/4/20



Easter Crafts 2/4/20

I FaceTimed my friends showing them how to make Easter crafts including the Easter basket I learnt at after school club 2/4/20

I learnt how to make eggy bread and short bread 2/4/20

Cress experiment , the cold cress never grew until I moved it to a warmer place , the best growing cress was the warm area 2/4/20

Jacks' Easter Scene He says 'the scene is a treasure hunt by the rabbits for the two little chicks, called Bob & Gerry. They go over the tunnel of doom, step over the water on the stepping stones, rescue the glittery egg & then complete the hunt' We had a family competition making easter scenes today it was great fun! 1/4/20

Starting our cress experiment 24/3/20

Creating a Scratch game 24/3/20

P.E. Lesson 24/3/20


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