Welcome to Year 4


Year 4 Home Learning

While we are closed, we have put a range of activities and links together that will help you carry on with your learning at home.
Please do contact us if you have any questions for us, or want to share something you have done.
BBC Bitesize Humans and the environment
BBC Bitesize Humans and the environment
Discover how humans have positive and negative impacts on the environment and living things.
BBC Bitesize Earthquakes
BBC Bitesize Earthquakes
Over the course of term 4 we have studied volcanoes and the structure of the earth. Discover more by finding out about earthquakes!
The Christian story of Easter
The Christian story of Easter
This short film focuses on Christianity, and narrates the story of Easter.

Exciting Links

My Maths
Spelling Shed
National Literacy Trust
Nosy Crow Activities
The Literacy Shed
Oxford Owl


  • Read for 15 minutes every day. This can be anything, but record it in your reading record book: reading book, magazine, recipe, comic etc.


  • Complete a book cover and book review in your homework book.


Complete all reading comprehensions in reading pack sent home.

  • Mummy
  • Ancient Egyptian dentists
  • Jimmy and the Pharaoh.


Write sentences for the photos in English pack using:

  • Expanded noun phrases.
  • Time adverbials
  • Conjunctions- FANBOYS
  • Correct punctuation (full stops, capital letters, commas)
Write and keep diary entries about what you are doing during this time off school. If your having a break from learning, what are you doing? Your class teachers are keen to know!


  • Make the 8 Times Table Fortune Teller
  • Complete the Maths Activity Pack.
  • Complete MyMaths homework set and play extra games and activities.
  • Using a ruler measure things around your home. Try and measure in cm and mm. 


  • Complete the states of matter crossword. 
  • What wildlife can you find in your local area? Record them in a list with drawings along with their habitat. 


  • Draw a picture of a volcano scene.
  • Write an acrostic poem using the letters from the word volcano. 
  • Create a word search using topic words.
  • Create a fact page about volcanoes or Pompeii.
  • Write an adventure story set around a volcanic eruption/ Pompeii. 
  • Create an advice leaflet outlining what to do should a volcano erupt.
  • Make a 3D model of a typical roman building that you might find in Pompeii.
  • Draw a map showing the location of volcanic eruptions around the world.
  • Write an A-Z list of adjectives you could use to describe a volcano. 
  • Write an interview of questions and answers with someone who saw Vesuvius erupt. 
  • Create a fact book about volcanoes. 
  • Design a volcano survival kit with diagrams, labels and an explanation of how it works. 
  • Research the benefits of living near a volcano. 


RE- Use a computer to find out about the Easter story. Write about each part of the Easter story from Mary’s point of view:

  • Palm Sunday
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Sunday

  • Computing- Continue to use the website to create a stop motion video by duplicating frames.
  • Languages- Learn French by downloading the Duolingo App in the Appstore. Please ask your parents permission first. Once downloaded you can create an account and develop your french speaking, listening and writing!

We hope you are enjoying the work we have set.

If you need to contact your class teacher please contact:

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